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Professionally, I have carried a 20lb box of whoopee cushions through Times Square to deliver on set at Nickelodeon, spent 12 hours gluing rhinestones on a larger-than-life chrome boombox for Barneys New York holiday windows, and coded educational tools for the Northeastern University community (and beyond). I have taught adolescents to use Adobe Illustrator, encouraged them to make thoughtful decisions, and coached them through their bouts of teen angst. I feel very lucky to be paid for meaningful, fun and creative work. 

I am always open to learning new skills and trying something different.

My most treasured skill is my fine-tuned ability to determine which member of *NSYNC is singing at any given point in any of their songs. My other hidden talents include befriending dogs at parties, drawing accurate conclusions about people's lives based on their social media profiles, and applying liquid eyeliner evenly and with a steady hand.

I studied how to create objects and physical experiences that people could and would want to interact with at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. The concept of treating the web as a canvas and code as another medium to master was demonstrated to me at the Rhode Island School of Design's Summer Institute of Graphic Design Studies in Providence, RI. Currently, I'm pursuing my masters while learning about designing and developing from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Those who know me often call me "Walnut." 

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